50 Most Useful Engines for Your Scholarship Search

One of the most stressful things about heading off to college is finding a way to pay for it. With tuition rising year after year, higher education can be a serious investment for students and their parents — sometimes putting a great deal of financial strain on both. Scholarships are one way to help relieve that strain and help cover some or all of the costs associated with attending school. Here are some of the best sites out there for searching through them, finding help applying and tapping into the billions of dollars in funding they represent.

Scholarship Searches

Use these sites to get access to scholarships that can help you manage some of the costs of attending college.

  1. Fastweb

    One of the best-known scholarship search sites, Fastweb also has one of the largest collection of scholarships to search through — with $3.4 billion in potential award money out there.

  2. Scholarships.com

    This scholarship search site contains a wide range — over 2.7 million — making it easier to find something that will work for you.

  3. Scholarship Monkey 2.0

    Here, a cheerful chimp (an ape, not a monkey) will help to guide you through an in-depth scholarship search.

  4. Zinch

    This social networking site will not only help you find scholarships, but also connect with those who are responsible for giving them out.

  5. $cholar$ite

    Search through thousands of scholarships on this site by simply creating a profile.

  6. ScholarshipExperts

    Register on this site to start looking through and applying for scholarships.

  7. BrokeScholar

    Afraid the costs of college will put it out of reach? This site can help you find the scholarships you need to make college a reality.

  8. Nationally Coveted College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships & Postdoctoral Awards

    Pulled together by Professor Francisco Torres, this site contains a huge list of some of the biggest and best scholarships out there.

  9. MyFSA

    If you're looking for scholarships and aid from the U.S. government, this is where your search should begin.

  10. Immediate Scholarships

    This search engine specializes in working quickly, helping you find the best scholarships for your needs in an instant.

  11. My Free Degree

    Create a free account on this site to start looking for money that can help you pay for your education.

  12. CollegeScholarships.com:

    This site offers up a wide range of scholarships, from those for talented artists to those helping international students.

  13. FastAid

    You'll find an amazing collection of both publicly and privately funded scholarships here.

  14. NextStudent Scholarship Search

    Through this site, you'll learn all about ways to pay for college, including both loans and scholarships.

  15. Sallie Mae Scholarships

    Sallie Mae may be better known for student loans, but they also offer access to a wide range of scholarships as well, which you can search through here.

  16. Free-4U.com

    This national database of scholarships offers access to millions, with over 10 billion in available rewards.

College Planning

If you need more than just scholarship help, these sites offer up a wide range of college planning advice in addition to their financial aid search engines.

  1. College Board Scholarship Search

    This site is one of the best resources for learning everything you need to know about getting into college, including how to pay for it.

  2. kaarme

    Whether you're looking for a college that meets your needs or a way to finance your education, you'll find a great collection of resources to help you do it on this site.

  3. Peterson's College Scholarship Search

    Find a college, learn how to get in and figure out how to afford the college of your dreams on this site.

  4. CollegeData Scholarship Finder

    Check out the CollegeData site to understand how to apply for both scholarships and college as a whole.

  5. College View Scholarship Search

    This site is full of resources that can help you to apply, choose a major, enjoy campus life and find some great financial aid.

  6. CareerOneStop Scholarship Search

    The first step to starting the career of your dreams is probably getting a great college education, so check out this site's scholarship search to help you finance it.

  7. AIE Scholarship Search

    The Adventures in Education site is a great resource for any student heading off to college. Use the scholarship search to get access to a database of over 15,000 awards.

  8. Careers and Colleges:

    Check out this site to find help in planning your college career and beyond, including this great search tool for scholarships.

  9. College Toolkit

    You'll find help choosing a college, planning your career and finding a way to do it without breaking the bank here.

  10. eCampus Tours

    After you're done finding a college that meets your needs, you can use the tools on this site to browse though over 10,000 scholarships.

  11. College Student Resource Center

    Perfect for students and parents, this site will teach you about what it takes to get into and pay for college.

  12. Mach 25

    Create a profile on this site to find scholarships that meet your needs.

  13. SuperCollege.com

    Find colleges, get help with admissions and search for scholarships here.

  14. SchoolSoup

    From test prep to college scholarships, this site is a one-stop shop for all things admissions.

  15. CollegeNET

    This social site will help you to find money for college.

Group Specific

These scholarship sites focus on specific groups, from minorities to the military to students who want to study overseas.

  1. Military.com Scholarships

    Those who've served in the military are eligible for a wide range of scholarships, all of which can be found by searching through this site.

  2. Study Abroad Funding

    If you want to spend a semester abroad but are worried about the costs, look through the scholarships available on this site.

  3. International Scholarships.com

    If you're looking to take your studies overseas, check out this site with scholarships to schools around the world listed.

  4. IEFA

    No matter where you're looking to study, the International Education Financial Aid site can help you find money to cover your costs.

  5. UNCF Scholarship Programs

    The United Negro College Fund lists its scholarships here.

  6. UNESCO Fellowships

    Fellowships and scholarships that are sponsored through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and through outside sources as well are listed here.

State Scholarships

If you live in one of these states, use their scholarship search engines to find free money for school.

  1. Fund My Future

    This scholarship search site is dedicated to helping Arkansas students pay for college.

  2. What's Next Illinois

    Illinois students can look through state, local and federal scholarships and financial aid programs on this site.

  3. FAME Scholarship Search

    The Finance Authority of Maine has this great scholarship search for students to help them fund college educations.

  4. Go Higher KY

    Those who call Kentucky home may be eligible for some of the wide range of scholarships listed here.

  5. California Scholarship Federation

    Residents of California can learn more about what scholarships are available to them right now through this site.

Major Specific

Find funding for your career in art, forestry, nursing and more from this search sites.

  1. Art Deadlines List

    Find out what art scholarships are out there and how fast you'll need to get on applying for them here.

  2. AJR Awards and Fellowships: A career in journalism can start out with some help from scholarships when you search through this site.
  3. USDA Forest Service

    Here you'll find a list of grants, fellowships and scholarships available to students interested in forestry and natural resources.

  4. ASEE Fellowship Programs

    The American Society for Engineering Education offers up scholarships for high school, college and graduate students here.

  5. Nursing Scholarship.us

    This site is all about helping nursing students to find money to pay for school.

  6. Science Grants & Funding

    Find the latest news on scientific scholarships, grants and fellowships here as well as up-to-date information on deadlines.

  7. The Scholarship Page

    While dedicated mostly to engineering scholarships, you'll find more general scholarships here as well.

  8. Discover Nursing Scholarship Search

    This popular nursing website isn't just a great place to learn about a career in nursing– it can also help you find the funding necessary to start one.

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