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Since the early days of bowl making in your middle school class you have been fascinated with the art of pottery making. No, there’s not a school that will give you a degree in the art of pottery, but you are hopeful that there are other resources out there; resources that will not only explain the types of pottery to choose from but provide you with the steps to firing the finished product. You want to meet someone—a professional, or someone like yourself who knows about a good class to take. You want to experience a little “pottery” before making your final decision. Fortunately, there are award winning blogs to help you in this pursuit; informative and creative blogs that will not only give you direction but hope for your own future in pottery.

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Shambhala Pottery Blog

Mudstuffing Sketchbook

Kip O’Krongly Blog

Kristen Kieffer Ceramics

Homefry Sketchbook

Lesley McInally Ceramic Art

Little Flower Designs Blog

Blue Star Gallery:Home of the Traveling Potter Linda Star

Lizzie Plays with Clay

Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog

Mary Starosta Colorado Potter

Slipcast – The Ceramics Blog

Meagan Chaney Studios

Pam Kinsmith Art & Design

Patricia Griffin Studio

The Pottery @ Raccoon Highway

Radasch Redware

Around and About with Bulldog Pottery

Shane Norrie – Journal

Sofia’s Dad’s Pots

Tara Lynne Franco Ceramics

The Easternmost Potter in the United States

So One Day I Drew This Imaginary Dog Named Wally

Tony and Sheila Clennell

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